UIA Conference on the Death of a Transaction

GFE’s General Counsel, Molly Ahmed, spoke at the UIA (International Association of Lawyers / Union Internationale des Avocats) conference on “The Death of a Transaction” on 30 and 31 May 2019, in the session termed the “Client’s Perspective”, together with lawyers from Peters & Peters Solicitors, Kroll, Zagra Avvocati and Stewarts Law.

The conference was an interactive seminar, involving an audience of private practitioners, in-house counsel and experts from across the globe, where various issues were debated in relation to what happens when a deal goes wrong. Topics included: whether a contact is worth the paper it’s written on; how to protect the client’s position; how to manage the adverse consequences and reputational fall-out; recent case-law and if a client has to fight whether it is better to litigate or arbitrate.