Litigation PR and Issues Management

First impressions count

In today’s world of social media and global twenty-four hour news cycles, the court of public opinion impacts reputations as much as the ruling of a judge.  In many cases, national and other influential media will report the early exchanges in a litigation matter, but not the final judgment. This early coverage sets the agenda for future media coverage and comment, and can cause lasting reputational damage if it is not managed.

The day-to-day exchanges and final judgments are generally restricted to the trade media. That means that any claimant or defendant needs to manage and plan its respective communications’ strategies to optimise this interest to ensure fair and balanced reporting in order to protect and enhance their reputations throughout the news cycle of any litigation.

Don’t let the media and other commentators reach conclusions based on incorrect and biased information

This can cause long term reputational damage.

Global Financial Experts works with its clients to provide detailed communication plans working in conjunction with legal advisors and other interested parties.  We are fully cognisant of ‘Contempt of Court’ issues and the importance of avoiding being seen to influence the opinion of a judge.  We take a strategic approach to create a media environment to allow a client to achieve its legal and commercial aims by addressing the following main objectives:

  1. Prepare communications’ plans to counteract and manage any challenging issues, and enhance positive news.
  2. Represent a client in the media to ensure its story is properly understood and represented.
  3. Assist the media to understand any complex legal issues and the facts driving a case for the benefit of the client.
  4. Encourage balanced and fair media coverage.
  5. Build a positive consensus and support for a client from all interested parties.

Client focussed and results orientated

Our team is highly experienced in litigation and legal communications support and has acted on a number of high profile and contested legal situations including criminal proceedings, civil proceedings and pre-action matters. We have excellent relationships with the media and can manage the communication challenges presented by complex litigation and legal proceedings.